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Our company recognizes that environmental conservation is part of our calling as a global citizen. We are responsible for and committed to concentrating our company-wide efforts on pursuing environmental conservation, which we believe to be an integral part of our business operations. By participating in and supporting environmental conservation activities, we will continue to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.


As a solutions company, we look beyond the printer for sustainability.

Supplies Return

We offer customers a free and easy way to return their used printer cartridges and keep them out of landfills.

Product Takeback in US

Instructions for customers in the United States wishing to obtain information on product takeback.

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Product Takeback in Europe

Instructions for customers in Europe wishing to obtain information on product takeback.

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Product Takeback in Other Countries

Instructions for customers in non-US and non-Europe countries wishing to obtain information on product takeback.

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As a global citizen, Ricoh group is obligation-conscious of environmental conservation. In addition, we strive to honor our environmental responsibilities and concentrate group-wide efforts in environmental conservation activities, implementation of which we believe to be as significant as our business operations


Action Guidelines

  1. Achieve superior targets
    Complying with laws and regulations as a matter of course, we dutifully fulfill our environmental responsibilities, setting targets that go ahead of those that society currently requires, and by achieving these, create economic values.

  2. Develop innovative environmental technologies
    We will take steps to develop and promote innovative environmental technologies that will give increased value to our customers and can be utilized by various people.

  3. Encourage all employees to participate in environmental activities
    In all our business activities, we strive for awareness of environmental impact, thereby involving all Ricoh employees in implementing continuous improvements to prevent pollution, use energy and natural resources more efficiently.

  4. Be attentive to product lifecycle
    To provide our products and services, we spare no effort to reduce environmental effects in all stages of product lifecycle, from procurement, manufacturing, sale, and logistics, to usage, recycling, and disposal.

  5. Improve employees' environmental awareness
    We at Ricoh wish each employee to be attentive to a broader range of social issues and mindful of enhancing environmental awareness through proactive learning processes, designed to commit the employee to environmental conservation activities according to his or her responsibility.

  6. Contribute to society
    By participating in and supporting environmental conservation activities, we will contribute to creating a sustainable society.

  7. Optimize communication with stakeholders
    Ricoh Group will expand its environmental conservation activities with stakeholders. In addition, we will fully communicate and proactively cooperate with our stakeholders to reassure communities of our dependability and commitment to the environment.

Our Environmental Policy is stated by Ricoh in the Ricoh Group Environmental Principles.

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Joe Czyszczewski

Prior to joining InfoPrint at its inception in June 2007, Czyszczewski completed a 30-year career with IBM as a Distinguished Engineer in document and print technologies. He holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and is an active inventor with multiple patents issued.

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