Quick Tech Summary*

  • Print speeds up to 722 fpm (220 mpm)
  • Compact, simple design
  • Field-upgradeable speed
Monochrome Printing Color Printing

InfoPrint 5000 Volume Platform

Increase reliability for high-volume, mission-critical applications

In high-volume transactional and commercial print environments, common priorities are reliable throughput to meet tight print windows and superb quality for mission-critical applications. If you’re doubtful that a printer can excel on all fronts, don’t be. The compact InfoPrint 5000 Volume Platform (VP) inkjet systems are dependable workhorses day after day.

Race through deadlines thanks to exceptionally high speed and a high-capacity internal ink delivery system that minimizes operator interventions. Be prepared for the compliments, prompted by 1,440 dpi effective resolution, you’ll probably receive on the look of statements, manuals and other documents.

The VP models, like other InfoPrint 5000 printers, protect your investment through platform interoperability and on-site upgrades of speeds and enhancements. As your customer requirements and market conditions change, so can you.


  • Produce compelling pieces with superb print quality and variable drop size at every pixel on the page
  • Print on a diverse range of papers to satisfy many requirements
  • Utilize Adobe® PDF and PostScript® data streams
  • Rely on the proven inkjet technology used in all InfoPrint 5000 systems, which are used by enterprises, service bureaus and commercial printers around the world
  • Maximize throughput and efficiency with productivity features and tools
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* Exact speed varies depending on printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software application, system environment, driver and printer state.  Printer images may depict the installation of additional feature(s) which are offered at additional charge(s). Please contact us or reseller sales representative for more information.

Proven piezo-electric drop-on-demand technology

Produce efficient, reliable, high-quality output day in and day out.

Superb print quality and variable data printing at exceptionally high speeds

Deliver value to new and existing customers:

  • Transactional: Enhance business communications
  • Commercial: Demonstrate the benefit of digital short runs and customization

Support for Adobe® PDF and PostScript®

Leverage industry-standard data streams and leadership workflow capabilities

Diverse range of papers

Support a variety of applications to meet your customers’ requirements

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VP Color VC5/VC6: Full-color printing up to 495 feet/min or 150 meters/min

VP Color VC7/VC8: Full-color printing up to 722 feet/min or 220 meters/min

  • Very high-volume platform for transactional and commercial applications
  • Leverages proven, leadership production inkjet technology
  • Compact, simple design with superb print quality

VP Color VC5/VC6

VP Color VC7/VC8


Up to 722 feet/min, 220 meters/min

2-up Duplex Throughput

Up to 3,150 ltr imps/min, 2,960 A4 imps/min

Maximum Resolution

720 × 360 dpi

720 dpi effective resolution

Exclusive Imaging Technology

2 bits per spot

Stochastic screening

Dynamic variable drop size for every point on a page

Compatible Inks

CMYK dye2


Multiple partners provide a variety of unwind, rewind, cut, fold, dynamic perforation, vision systems, and inline processing, including a solution for books.

Web Width

6.4"/165 mm to 20.4"/520 mm paper

Supported Configurations

All models support I and L configurations

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1. Exact speed varies depending on printer settings, document complexity, system configuration, software application, system environment, driver and printer state.

2. Technology is capable of CMYK pigment.

InfoPrint 5000 Volume Platform Supplies

12X3723 Ink MICR
2 bags (2 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X1666 Waste Ink Tank -- --
12X2347 Ink, Dye Black
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X2345 Ink Dye, Yellow
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X2346 Ink Dye, Magenta
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X2344 Ink Dye Cyan
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X1789 Ink Pigment, Black
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X1788 Ink Pigment, Yellow
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X2609 Ink Pigment, Magenta
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X1786 Ink Pigment, Cyan
2 bags (3 liters per bag) per box
-- --
12X1675 Ink Collection Pad
4 Pads
-- --
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* Yields not published due to variation of print elements (images and text), profile/ink settings, paper characteristics and engine-selected drop size.

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