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  • Predict future actions by your customers
  • Segment customers and target them with relevant messages
  • Develop and execute effective campaigns
  • Make the best use of marketing budgets

Customer Marketing Suite for Utility Companies

Enable precise, relevant utility customer communications

The Customer Marketing Suite for Utility Companies from Ricoh is a suite of services that helps utility marketers send the right messages to the right ratepayers at the right time. This approach enables you to maximize results in less time using fewer resources, while you make the best use of marketing dollars.

Predictive modeling services – a first for the utility industry – allow you to identify each customer’s propensity, or lack of propensity, to take certain actions. This information guides the development of targeted messaging to ratepayers most likely to engage with you on particular topics, such as late pay, attrition, e-billing and so on. Precise, relevant communications are far more effective and efficient than sending the same information to all customers.

To fully exploit the value of predictive modeling, engage our team to apply their expertise with campaign strategy services and campaign execution services.

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Predictive Modeling Services

This behavior-based suite of predictive models is designed to optimize marketing budgets and improve how you communicate with your customers. Our approach leverages utility customer data from multiple utilities, which increases efficacy, illustrates industry trends and illuminates best practices. When you can predict future actions of your customers, you can segment and target audiences that are most likely to respond to relevant communications and offers and exclude customers for whom the information is irrelevant.

You can, for example, segment customers according to criteria, such as:

  • Who has the highest propensity to take advantage of renewable energy offerings?
  • Who is most likely to pay late in the next 90 days?
  • To whom should we promote equal pay?
  • Who is most likely to adopt electronic billing?
  • Who is most likely to leave in the next 90 days?

Communication Strategy Services

Our experts help you create a communications strategy that addresses the opportunities and threats of your customer portfolio, along with the reports you need to measure results.

Campaign Delivery Services

Experts help you execute marketing campaigns that address your key customer pain points. Supportive analytical services focus on historical data to reveal customer portfolio findings related to customer tenure, retention, cross selling opportunities and more. Steps included in campaign execution include:

  • Set up test/control groups
  • Select marketing channels, campaign volumes and marketing offers
  • Identify success criteria
  • Establish campaign and portfolio reports

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The Customer Marketing Suite for Utility Companies can deliver these benefits:

  • Predict future actions by your customers so you can segment and target the right sets of customers with information that is relevant to them.
  • Reduce “offer fatigue,” which occurs when you repeatedly send information and/or offers to customers for whom it is irrelevant.
  • Simplify campaign planning and development cycles.
  • Go to market faster with campaigns that maximize results in less time.
  • Accelerate return on marketing investment to support utility company objectives.

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Related Services

Document Composition: Decrease customer confusion, improve customer satisfaction, reduce the number of calls to your service staff and receive payments sooner with a well-designed statement. Our experienced specialists can help you select the right software, provide document design expertise and implement a solution that offers multichannel delivery options and integrates seamlessly into your utility operations.

Automated Document Factory (ADF) Solution Services: Engage our consultants and architects to apply their utility industry expertise to accelerate results from a new or existing ADF to help you lower print and mail costs, achieve 100 percent integrity and boost production efficiency.

Precision Marketing Services: Apply our deep skills in systems integration, marketing analytics and campaign management to help you make the right Precision Marketing decisions, including the appropriate technology for your utility and an implementation roadmap that returns rapid ROI.


InfoPrint 5000 continuous form family: Add personalized, one-to-one messages to utility statements and other customer communications. Apply color on statements to direct customers to important information, such as payment due date, conservation tips and money-saving offers. The InfoPrint 5000 supports your sustainability efforts with energy-saving inkjet technology, environmentally friendly inks and ink management tools.


InfoPrint Automated Document Factory (ADF) Solutions: Protect sensitive customer data throughout the print and mail process with automated workflow that provides complete integrity. Lower cost with automated reprints and the flexibility to make changes downstream of your applications to keep up with evolving business and regulatory requirements.

InfoPrint Managed ADF Services: Avoid upfront capital investment, yet gain the full benefits of an ADF via the cloud. Predictable managed services pricing enables you to forecast and manage costs better.

Ricoh ProcessDirector: Implement a scalable, configurable workflow solution, and you can eliminate error-prone manual processes in your production print and mail environment. Increase capabilities by adding third-party products or optional modules, such as revenue-generating statement white space management, PDF Mailroom Integrity, SLA management and more.

InfoPrint Ink Suite: Improve statement readability, quality and comprehension with color while you manage print costs. This Ricoh ProcessDirector option tunes files to improve color quality, reduce ink use, increase ink estimating accuracy and improve productivity by automating certain manual processes.


Precision Marketing: the combination of personalized marketing messages with must-read statements, invoices, and other customer communications can help utility companies increase revenue and retain customers.

Digital Postal Mail: a low-risk opportunity for utility companies to improve customer communications and marketing ROI while reducing costs by suppressing print, reducing paper usage and eliminating postage costs. Deliver statements and other business communications to customers’ electronic mailboxes via a secure digital delivery location.

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