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  • Gang multiple orders and books with like production attributes
  • Reprint missing or damaged books or elements automatically
  • Track each book through the entire production process
  • Generate detailed production reports

TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing

Automate and track short-run book production

Ultra-short book runs are becoming the new norm. Instead of printing thousands of copies of one book, your customers may ask you to print one copy each or a few copies each of a thousand books. This means more touch points in the production process, more room for error, more cost. Unless you have the TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing solution. It helps you make short-run books profitable.

A single, efficient system, TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing is ideal for producing low copy count runs and books produced from individual orders. It helps you keep all of the job-related data consistent and organized, so automation is possible. The customizable workflow automatically organizes books into jobs with common production requirements, such as paper stocks, imposition layouts and binding, and moves batches from the point of grouping through imposition, printing and finishing. Each copy is tracked from the receipt of the order until all copies are complete and ready to send to the customer.

TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing does more than automate book production. You can speed up ROI and look for new customers because you’re able to manage other types of commercial print jobs, like direct mail and marketing collateral.

With TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing, you can rewrite your company story. Consider these chapter headings: “Increasing Profitability” and “Entering New Markets.”

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The TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing solution, for which the core software is Ricoh ProcessDirector, automates and tracks the production of short-run books, direct mail and marketing collateral. It is designed to increase operational efficiency and profitability by minimizing manual touchpoints, interoperability issues and data issues. Here’s how it works for books.

Processing starts when TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing hot folder receives a job ticket, such as XML or JDF. A job is created for tracking the processing of the job ticket. The XML file is parsed to obtain specific job properties for each of the individual titles and elements of those books.

Each copy of a book is tracked as a separate job. TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing makes sure that all copies of all books in a job ticket are complete before considering the job ticket complete. Reprints can be automatically generated for damaged or missing books.

Each book consists of two components: the book block and the cover. Book blocks and covers are produced separately and come together at the bindery. Separate files are identified in the job ticket for the book block and the cover.

The solution allows an operator to manually indicate that a book was damaged in the production process and needs to be reprinted, or this action can be fully automated.

Books are ganged with other books with like production requirements. An automated process is used to generate production jobs that include all books that will go through the production process together.

Reprints are put back into the system to enable them to be included in the next set of production jobs.

Barcode scanning can be used to automate the workflow tracking process.

The solution supports overage calculations, reprints of components or entire copies so that customers receive all ordered copies.

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The TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing solution can include the components listed below. However, if you already have software or hardware assets that you’d like to use, our Professional Services team can tailor the solution so it leverages your existing investments. Ricoh ProcessDirector, which is required, is enabled with native Adobe® PDF capability.

InfoPrint® ProcessDirector™ Workflow Software
This scalable, customer-configurable software enables job-level control of print processes. In addition to the TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing feature, which provides functions specific to book manufacturing, the following capabilities are added to the base Ricoh ProcessDirector software:

  • Reprinting and finishing damaged books.
  • Ganging books from multiple job tickets to enable production efficiencies.
  • Enabling operators to manage jobs through the production process using easy barcode scanning instead of keyboard and mouse.
  • Reporting on job tracking and other functions.
  • Managing service level agreements by setting job checkpoints that let you track the progress of jobs as they flow through the system. Based on the job and printer speeds, it can also make predictions about which printers to use.

InfoPrint Manager
Monitor and manage printers centrally to improve asset utilization.

InfoPrint Productivity Tracker
Capture job, operator and printer data, which can help drive cost out of your book manufacturing process.

InfoPrint Ink Suite/Ink Savvy Feature
Optimize PDF print files as well as Advanced Function Presentation™ image and graphic resource files to reduce ink usage and tunes files to improve color quality.

Impostrip OnDemand Digital Impositioning Software
Achieve full control over page position, bleeds, page spread, page scaling and marks, margins and more.

Impostrip Book Stacker
Produce cut-and-combine and cut-and-bind imposition for one book or for multiple books.

Impostrip Solo/Unlimited
Split book workflows between clients and servers for enhanced flexibility and performance.

IoFlex IoBookMaker
Use this collection of plugins for Adobe® Acrobat to clean up, position, edit and manage pages in a PDF file, as well as to optimize 8-bit objects representing halftones or tint areas.

InfoPrint 5000 Continuous Form Inkjet System
Monochrome and color models offer field-upgradability, media flexibility, enhanced halftones, inline finishing and ink management tools. .

InfoPrint 4100 Advanced Function Printing System
High-speed, continuous form, electro-photographic printers deliver superb book quality, intelligent halftone switching, color emulation and more.

Our Professional Services team works closely with you, starting with assessment, to design and implement a solution that meets your requirements. With years of IT integration experience and finishing expertise, you can expect knowledgeable guidance and a smooth installation.

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