Quick Summary

  • One tool for color, font and object resource management
  • Professional, high-function graphical interface
  • Consistent color output across different devices at high speed
  • Management of AFP code pages

AFP Resource Installer

Digital color reality. Flexible resource management.

Turn your digital color dreams into reality with our advanced color and monochrome management tool. Control color rendition, vital to producing color applications, via Color Management Resources (CMRs). Four consolidated interfaces manage color, font, and image resources.


  • AFP Resource Installer is comprised of four consolidated interfaces—for the installation and management of AFP color management, font and image object resources.
  • CMR installer manages files that include the color management information required to render printed output with color fidelity.
  • Font installer manages WorldType Fonts for AFP Print Servers, WorldType Fonts for AFP Clients, and other OpenType and TrueType fonts in Microsoft® Unicode format.
  • Implement Color Management Resources and AFP color management
  • One tool, one interface for color, font, and data object resource management
  • Professional, high-function graphical interface for flexibility and control
  • Provides consistent color output across different devices at high speed
  • Data object installer manages files that contain image object data such as JPEG and TIFF files
  • Code Page Installer enables management of AFP code pages and the extension of ASCII and EBCDIC encoded data to Unicode for use with TrueType or OpenType fonts
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AFP Resource Installer Features & Benefits

Implements color management programs

Consistent color output across different devices

Accurate color output

Flexibility and control—obtain output to exact specifications

Deliver color results at high speed

Color management

Resource (CMR) Installer

Create CMRs from files containing color data

Map device-specific CMRs to generic CMRs so that a general description of the intended output can be replaced with the specific instructions for producing that output on a given presentation device

Support for indexed CMRs

Data object installer

Change the rendering intent of a data object to modify the final appearance of color data

Associate CMRs with a data object

Search resource libraries for an installed data object

Replicate changes in a resource library to other libraries

Font installer

Add characters to a font by linking another font file to it

Search for a character in a font by Unicode value or by code point

Code Page installer for management of AFP and Unicode code pages

Easily integrated in color production workflow

Improves digital color management throughout the job process

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AFP Resource Installer Specifications

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AFP Resource Installer How It Works

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